See what students are saying about the Anat Baniel Method and David Singleton's work.

At a routine doctor visit, my doctor told me about ABM as a possible therapy for my MS. She gave me David’s info and I did a bit of research on the theory of nerve reeducation. My most notable disability is a left foot drop that makes walking difficult and stumbling easy. Since November 2011, I’ve been a student of David’s with therapy most every week. My gait has improved dramatically—stepping better than I was five years ago. It’s wondrous that such small movements can bring about such enormous results. Whatever disability you might suffer from—it’s worth learning about ABM and having a practitioner like Dave care for you! 

Peggy Smith, Silverthorne, CO


Dave’s instruction for movement is obviously honed by years of teaching on the slopes, and he has a keen eye for what needs to be corrected.  I appreciated the low-impact nature of my Anat Baniel sessions, which retrained old patterned postural muscles (and the brain) to fix injuries and painful muscle-joint areas.

Justin Pollack, ND, Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic, Frisco, CO


David’s application of the Anat Baniel Method engenders a more natural, holistic mind-body movement, simultaneously relieving existing ailments while ‘rewiring’ and improving future movement. I encourage all who have even the slightest inclination toward self-improvement to experience a session or two. You will be amazed with the results!

Troy Wineland, Dillon, CO


I went to see David for problems associated with tight shoulders and pain. The movements he assisted me with were subtle, but I began to feel and be aware of more muscles engaging in the movements I took for granted. I’ve had frozen shoulder in the past and my body learned to compensate for the loss in range of motion of my shoulder joint. The most noticeable change I felt from the ABM work so far, was after he worked on my sternum. I hadn't realized how locked up it was. After the session I felt a new freedom in my breathing and a subtle change in my posture.  Having more openness when I breath is noticeable when I mountain bike and do other physical activity.

Mary Jo Liston, Silverthorne, CO


My experience with Dave’s work is much like an oiling of the Tin Man. After a session, I feel more mobile, more flexible, straighter and lighter, physically and emotionally.

Kim Nearpass, ND, Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic, Frisco, CO


Dave’s touch and skill level rivaled the more-experienced practitioners. He allowed me to learn and recognize possibilities in my body that I hadn't known before. I appreciated the lesson that I received from him and am thankful I had the chance to work with him. I’m looking forward to future lessons.

Chelsea Webber, Halifax, VA