About the Lessons 

Individual Lessons called Functional Synthesis (FS)


  • This is a one-on-one lesson in which I move your skeleton.

  • Touch is used as a powerful tool to speak to your brain and nervous system.

  • The movements are gentle, painless, and always within your comfort range.

  • These lessons are taught around a functional movement or action, which will make the information immediately relevant and useful for you, such as sitting up, rolling over, or walking.

  • The lessons are customized to your needs at the moment of the lesson, not to how you should be in the future.



  • You can reduce or eliminate your chronic or nagging muscular pain, recover more quickly from an injury, or help maintain your nervous system in the face of neurologic disease.

  • You can move better, gain greater mobility, and increase the power of your movements through the differentiation and integration of forgotten parts of your body.

  • You can increase your vitality, awareness, ability to think, feel, and thrive.


Group Classes called Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)


  • The lessons are led by me and take you through a series of novel movements that explore a movement action, such as rolling to sit or extending a leg with your pelvis.

  • You do the movements.

  • You move within your comfort range. This is not exercise. With pain there’s no gain.

  • Classes last about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

  • The variation and novelty are introduced by me. You pay attention to feeling and observing changes.



  • This is an economical way to open new possibilities for yourself.

  • You are actively engaged in learning through doing the movements.

  • The social atmosphere can add to the experience and facilitate learning and change.

  • This is not exercise, but you can learn new skills and integrate the learning into what you already love to do, such as skiing, golf, or cycling.

FS and TML Work Together


  • Benefits can be felt with each of the lessons, but the synthesis of group and individual lessons is a powerful combination that brings permanent changes in physical mobility, the ability to think, and emotional clarity.

  • Group and individual lessons address different functions of the brain and thereby work with the whole brain.

  • With greater organization of your movement, many other aspects of your personality and self-image can benefit.

  • You will gain a boost in energy, clarity of thought and emotions, ease of longstanding discomfort, greater mobility, and an increased sense of wellbeing.