Discover the joy and comfort of moving
                          with ease, grace, and power. 
       Experience the full potential of your
                    remarkable ability to learn and change.

   Welcome to the Summit Movement Center. You are here because you have experienced pain or a reduction in your ability to move, think, or feel.

   You may be suffering from chronic pain, an injury, or long-term movement habits that have affected the way you organize your body.

   Maybe you suffer from a neurologic disease such as MS, from a traumatic head injury, or have simply found that you can’t do things as easily as you used to. 

  • You use your body every day. 
    Is it a joy or a trial?


  • Do you feel that you are continuously in pain from injury, strain, or the effects of aging?


  • Are you frustrated with how other therapies hurt and seem to provide limited outcomes?


  • Are you ready to claim the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing you know you can have.



"It’s wondrous that such small movements can bring about such enormous results."