Frequently Asked Questions

Does ABM hurt?
No. In fact, all the movements we do in either an individual lesson or a group lesson should be done within your comfort range. You should let me know if you feel any strain or pain. If there is strain you should back off and do less. If you feel pain or strain, the limitation will only be reinforced by pushing harder and increasing the pain.


Is ABM safe?
Yes. The Anat Baniel Method is designed to be very safe, but it is important to take it easy right after a lesson so that you can pay attention to the changes. Doing heavy physical activities will take you back to the way you do things already and changes can be lost quickly. Heavy physical activity after a lesson can also cause some pain because the new organization of your body is not fully integrated into the way you move. It’s advised to take at least a few hours and possibly overnight before exercising or doing heavy physical activity.


Does insurance cover ABM?
I do not take insurance at this time.


What forms of payment are accepted?
I take check or cash.


How many lessons will I need?
That depends on your circumstances. Often when approaching an acute problem it’s good to do several lessons within a short period of time, say a couple of days or a week, to give the brain a lot of information and to help integrate the changes. For more chronic problems, most movement patterns are long standing and have been acquired over a long period of time. Though changes can be felt immediately, it often takes some time, and several lessons, for changes in your organization and movement to be integrated into the way you move.