About The Anat Baniel Method

     If you’re like many of the people who suffer from physical limitations, you’re seeking a way of overcoming them so you can feel better, move better, and feel more alive. You want a method that will be gentle, painless, and create real and lasting change.

     I am dedicated to helping you feel and move better. Your brain controls everything in your body. Together, we can use your brain’s incredible capacity to change to eliminate your pain, enhance your creativity, make it easier for you to move, and wake up your brain to new possibilities that will help you thrive.


Conditions that can benefit from the Anat Baniel Method


Back pain

Chronic pain

Recovery from muscular skeletal injury

Traumatic brain injury, stroke

Degenerative nervous system diseases such as MS or Parkinson’s

Physical, emotional, and mental effects of aging

Acute muscle strain



     Based on the work of physicist Moshe Feldenkrais and children’s movement expert Anat Baniel, the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) is a cutting-edge, scientifically-based movement education method that works with the brain and nervous system’s natural ability to change. 

     Moshe Feldenkrais discovered and utilized this idea of brain plasticity while recovering from a knee injury for which the surgical option would have left him unable to walk. As he recovered he taught himself to walk without pain and developed an incredible body of individual and group lessons that address how the body and brain communicate and function together.

     Anat Baniel used this body of information and her own experience working with Dr. Feldenkrais and with children with special needs to create the Anat Baniel Method. In her book, Move Into Life, Anat Baniel introduces the Nine Essentials: Movement with Attention, The Learning Switch, Subtlety, Variation, Slow, Enthusiasm, Flexible Goals, Imagination and Dreams, and Awareness.These are conditions that maximize the potential of the brain to learn and change.

     By using the Anat Baniel Method and these conditions, together we can wake up your brain to new possibilities in the way you move, think, and organize yourself in the world. The work is gentle, non-threatening, and painless.  The movement of your body is the language of the nervous system.  We can use it to harness the incredible power of your brain to alleviate pain, increase vitality and improve your life.